How To Find A Niche Market With 4 Simple Step

How To Find a Niche Market

For most of you that just started on affiliate marketing, you probably have heard this word a lot. NICHE!  As quoted by Collin Dictionary, A niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products. It is a sub-category of a specific market that contains related product and customers. You can definitely target everything in the industry if … Read more

How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step

How To Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

Congratulations! Finally, you have decided to get your hands dirty on starting up your very own affiliate marketing business. You must be feeling extremely excited and eager to get things going on. Here comes the million dollar question. How to create a website for affiliate marketing? If you haven’t done so, do check out my step by step guide on affiliate … Read more

40% of Employees Are Thinking of How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

Rat Race Work

If you are reading this, you are just like me, a 9-5 working adult with looking at how to get out of the rat race! You are constantly hunting for new jobs, have a pay rise while hopping over to another company. Eventually, the pay versus the workload just doesn’t add up! And you start looking for new prospect again while … Read more

HONEST Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 | Backed With Proof

Wealthy Affiliate Review

It is USUAL to see mixed comments or reviews on certain services online. Some people are hired to bash their competitors while some are merely writing reviews for the sake of gaining visitors. In this review, I will be providing you the HONEST Wealthy Affiliate review with some of my personal proof on this program.   Start With My Own … Read more

How To Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners with Less Risk

Tools and Resources

This is NOT the first website that I’ve developed. Before I created this “How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners with Less Risk” guide on, it is better off for me to try out what I practice on a niche-based website. There has been some struggling at the beginning where you are started to feel doubtful of all the efforts … Read more