How To Rank A Keyword For Beginner

How To Rank A Keyword For Beginner

To kickstart your journey on search engine optimization, SEO or affiliate marketing, your first task will always be how to rank a keyword on Google and other search engines? Many beginners have the perception¬†that SEO is about producing valuable contents and pray hard that one of your content sticks on the first page of Google. WRONG!¬† Like any other task, … Read more

Long Tail Pro Review for 2018 – Latest Edition

Long Tail Pro Review

There are so many Long Tail Pro review on the market. Majority of them are showing the older user interface and features that are available back then. Beware of the reviews that show the latest year of review but still using the old interface of version 1. Stick around on my post as we reveal what are the key features … Read more

How To Find Keywords for SEO Using 11 FREE Methods

How to Find Keyword For SEO

 Searching keywords for your website are painstaking. In many cases, you are out of ideas.  In this post, I will show you the 11 FREE methods on how to find keywords for SEO based on your niche. These methods will ease you on performing an effective SEO. Keyword research is an important process for getting your piece of content ranked … Read more