About Jay

ThisJay.com is founded by me, Jay Ong.

Jay Ong, Founder Of ThisJay

As an Asian guy from Malaysia, currently resides in Singapore. Having a full-time job as an engineer, I am passionate about online marketing.

I started in getting some “taste” of SEO back in 2017 when I started working on a niche based website.

For months when I started in producing great content but I did not have any visitors reading them. It was discouraging.

After nearly 5 months of content creating, I nearly gave up and wanted to quit. This is when the traffic started to come in.

More and more of my post getting ranked in first few pages of Google and my traffic started to gain traction.

My best satisfaction of SEO is when you see the organic traffic increases and the ranking climbing.

That is what motivates me for moving forward in SEO every day.

There is a lot of things to learn about SEO and I love experimenting what the SEO Guru teaches. *Making sure it is no BS*

Visit my blog section to read on my learning of SEO!