HONEST Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 | Backed With Proof

It is USUAL to see mixed comments or reviews on certain services online.

Some people are hired to bash their competitors while some are merely writing reviews for the sake of gaining visitors.

In this review, I will be providing you the HONEST Wealthy Affiliate review with some of my personal proof on this program.


Start With My Own Proof

I often see people showing monthly income reports and traffic from others.

While starting up on affiliate marketing, it is rather CONVINCING in showing people how to earn without promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Amazon Associate Earnings

I’m not ashamed to show what I’ve earned throughout the year with Amazon using the methods that were taught in Wealthy Affiliate. (It’s little, but it is growing)

As a new joiner to affiliate marketing, I often chase for the monetary goals. How much should I make in which month?

As I progress, I feel that the satisfaction doesn’t only come from the money that I made.

Daily visitors to my website also excites me a lot.

Google Analytics TrafficGoogle Analytics Organic Traffic

Seeing the growth of ORGANIC TRAFFIC in a progressive manner motivates me to keep pushing ahead.

87% of my 7000 visitors are from organic search.

This is merely the content marketing strategy in SEO. There is still another half of the pie to be filled.


Basic Details

Product: Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate Logo
Owner: Kyle and Carson 
Price: Starter (Free), Premium ($19 for the first month, $49 for monthly or $350 for yearly) 
Rating: 88/100

Wealthy Affiliate is created by Kyle and Carson with the aim to educate the public with basic knowledge of affiliate marketing.


What Is Include in Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is not just about providing the knowledge of affiliate marketing.

I always like to say that WA provides an “All-in-One” services that you need to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey.

Here are 5 major services which are crucial to your affiliate marketing journey which is included in WA.

Web Hosting Worth $250 A MonthWeb Hosting

To display your website on the web, there are two things that you need, web hosting and domain.

Domain name is the address to your website while web hosting is a server which holds all the data and information of a domain name.

Web hosting is an important factor in your success for every online business. Load time of a website will make or break your online business.

For visitors, slow load time will affect the user experience towards the site.

For search engines like Google, it will impact your article ranking if your website has a slow load time.

A cheap and slow hosting will have a  HUGE NEGATIVE impact on your website’s performance and conversion rates.

More Than 120 Lesson of Training

The 120 lessons are separated into two main courses, Online Entrepreneur Courses, and Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Online Entrepreneur Course consists of 50 lessons which provide you an in-depth lesson on how do you build a successful online business to attract traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Apart from that, it teaches you how to monetize your site in different ways, how to promote your content and improve your content writing skills.

The Affiliate Bootcamp comprise of 70 lessons that teach people how to build an affiliate website from scratch to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

I personally start from the Online Entrepreneur Course on creating a niche website to try out.

It will be more convincing for me to promote Wealthy Affiliate after that if I made a little success in my niche-based website.

Industry Standard Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

Keyword research one of the crucial parts for your success in affiliate marketing. If you screw this up, your effort will be wasted in producing content.

In such, Wealthy Affiliate created Jaaxy, to help beginners to search for long competition keywords to rank as a start.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The tool is using “Quoted Search Result” method to determine the competitiveness of the keyword.

In my opinion, this method works very well. Ultimately those content that I produce rank really well on a less competitive site given by Jaaxy.

Weekly Live Training – Meet The Expert

There will be a weekly live video session organized by one of our senior members on WA.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Training

The topic will be different every week and all the details that were provided are up to date.

You are able to ask questions live at the end of every session to the expert.

Missed the Live Training? No worries, it will be recorded and you can play it at your convenience.

Connect With Like-Minded Individual

Last but not least, the community is one of the best parts to network with fellow marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate creates a platform to bond like-minded marketers together to provide assistance, encouragement, and guidance.

It is also a place for sharing their success with someone to provide motivation for new members to keep persevering.

I personally like this community and feel warm to be surrounded with great people.

This helps to motivate me to move forward in my online business.


What is Good About WA? 

Get Started InstantlyGet Started

It comes with all the basic tools and basic knowledge that you need for affiliate marketing.

Other than buying a domain and joining WA, you practically don’t need to invest anything along the way until you started to make your first dollar!

WA doesn’t encourage you to invest a lot on tools and services when you just starting up.

When the income grows, this is where you reinvest your earnings to make the site greater. This includes investing in a premium theme, email subscription services and WordPress plugins which helps on conversion.

White Hat SEO Technique

In Wealthy Affiliate, they only teach you the white hat technique for SEO.

This is to ensure that you will not be penalized by Google’s Penguin and Panda updates.

They focused strongly on content marketing, how do you create good content to beat your competitors and how to write a great selling review page.

This technique is very effective and safe. However, it takes times for Google to notice about your post.

It Isn’t Necessary To Promote WA To Make Your First Dollar

Wealthy Affiliate is not created to promote its program. You can still earn a living without promoting WA.

Some online services teach you online marketing strategy solely recruit others into the program.

It is somehow like a pyramid scheme where the top 1% gets all the benefits.

I can assure you that WA is not this case. 

In my case, it is better to earn in other affiliate networks first before I promote WA. I have a website which is earning some income before I write this review on WA.

Quick Support In Everything

Get Support

Your questions will literally be answered in minutes! There is a huge community and technical staff to answer all your doubts that you have.

This includes affiliate marketing question, website set up problems, hosting problems, and other technical issues that you face.

Someone will be there to help you out when you are struggling. It is great to have a huge team to back me up when I get started.


What I Don’t Like About WA? 

There are two things that I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate.

Leaving Comments On Someone’s Post

There is one session where people are encouraged to comment on someone’s post in order so that they would have their post commented.

I understand that this is to create engagement on your post. Somehow, the majority of those blog comments are not genuine comments which in a way will deliberately deceive the users.

I initially use that quite often. After a while, I totally ignore it as I think comments should be coming genuinely from my readers.

You can definitely ignore that blog comment session in WA course.

Limited SEO Knowledge

SEO is a huge topic which covers not just content marketing.

No doubt that content marketing is the primary way to excel in SEO, you can’t be editing your content whenever your ranking was dropped right?

Link acquisition fills the next part of SEO. This was not taught in WA.

Many people think that link acquisition is a black hat technique and try to avoid that. However, there are link acquisition techniques which are white hat and will not be penalized by Google and other search engines.

Apart from link acquisition, technical SEO and website audit is relatively important to ensure that your website is in good shape. This was not taught in WA Either.


Is WA Really For You? 

In general, everyone is suitable to join WA.

However, I will need to be upfront about setting the expectation on joining WA.

  • WA is not a get rich quick scheme. Do not expect to replace your monthly income in the next few months.
  • You need to invest a great amount of time ( at least 4 hours a day) for at least 3 months to see some results.
  • Spending time in building your website foundation with content.
  • Learn how to write an effective conversion and readable content.

WA will only assist you in providing you guidance on how to pursue your affiliate marketing success. It is ultimately YOU that make it successful.

Here are 3 pieces of advice that I would want to instill in your mind before you get started!

It Is No Easy TaskNot An Easy Task

Many people have the perception that WA can easily make you rich in the next few months. WRONG!

There are tremendous efforts been put in by every marketer behind the scene that no one knows about it. Everyone just saw the success story after a few months.

Most of us spend months just to get our content trusted by search engines and rank on the first page.

The good thing is that WA has the required training to kickstart our journey and the helpful community to support us when we needed help.

You Don’t Need To Be A Writer To Product Readable Content

Looking back at the first content that I wrote, I saw a drastic improvement in how I structure, present and improve my content writing skills.

Use the language which can be easily understandable by a 15 year old child. 

You are not writing for a technical content. There is no need to showcase your vocabulary skills in producing readable content.

In fact, if you bombarded too many fancy words in your content, it will hurt the readability and downgrade your website’s user experience.

Patient, Consistent and Determination  Success In Affiliate

As a matter of fact, if you are a new guy in an organization, it will take time for you to blend in and get accepted to the team.

Same goes to a website, while your website is new, you need to earn the credibility of search engines for the first few months.

It is relatively normal to have no organic search traffic from search engines in the first few months.

You just have to be patient and keep consistently creating great content. Determination is the key to your success.

Success Stories For Other WA Members

There are so many success stories get shared to the community after joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Most of them persevere for at least 1 year to achieve what they are today.

Here is one of our WA member which she just doubles her earnings from last year in the first 5 months.

Lynne Success Stories

It is not always the monetary success that they have gained. Getting into the top spot in Google is worth celebrating too.

Wendi Success Stories

It doesn’t matter how old you are, a 21-year-old guy, Jerry Huang without any college degree also can make his online journey successful.

Jerry Huang Success story

Every day when we wake up, we have tonnes of success stories to motivate us to move forward.

This positive energy helps to move us forward every day to build our online website.


Verdict and Summary

This is the best place for you to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey. With less than $400 per year, you got all the required tools to make your first dollar online.

If you follow the process, I can assure that you can recoup the $400 in less than a year! I did that! 

This program is definitely RECOMMENDED for all people who are looking for a passive income.

Eventually, we all hope that it will replace our full-time job.

Get started now by claiming your free account below!